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Rimini Bay - Rimini Guide, the information of Rimini and Province of Rimini, for free time and holidays on the Rimini City. Good navigation!

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Monuments in Rimini, Monuments Rimini Province

monuments rimini - monument rimini

Monuments of Rimini - Monuments Rimini Province. Who has said it that Rimini is alone sea? You will be able to visit Monuments of Rimini in every moment of the day.

Museums in Rimini, Museums Rimini Province

musei rimini - museo rimini

Museums Rimini - Museums Rimini Province. Visit Museums of Rimini in every moment of the day.

Hotels Rimini, Residences Rimini, Campings Rimini

hotel rimini - hotel rimini province

Hotel Rimini - Hotel Province of Rimini: hotel Rimini, hotel Riccione, hotel Cattolica, hotel Misano Adriatico, hotel Bellaria Igea Marina, Residences, Campings, Holiday Farms, Bed and Breakfast, Holiday Houses, Holidays Homes, Rooms Rental, Hostells.  Welcome to Rimini City.

Events, Show, Concert,  Fashion Show, Historical evocations

events rimini - event rimini

Events of Rimini - Events Rimini Province. Many events wait for to you in order to entertain to you during all the period of your vacations.

Places of Amusement in Rimini and Rimini Province

ristoranti rimini - ristorante rimini

Places of Amusement Rimini - Amusement Rimini Province, Locals of Rimini and Riviera Romagnola: amusement, Eating, where fun, where drinking, where dancing: Restaurants, Piadinerie, Lounge Bars, Pizzerias, Oenotheques, Wine Bar, Pub, Disco Bar, Discotheques, Night Clubs, Lounge Bar.

Bathing Establishments in Rimini, Bathing Establishments Rimini Province, Sea, Beach

bathing establishments - bathing establishment rimini

Bathing Establishments Rimini - Bathing Establishments Rimini Province. A clean sea and under the control of the life guards, attends you for your sure vacations. Sport, Wellness, Baby Club, Relax Area, Spa, Wi-Fi

Shopping, Boutique, Shops in Rimini, Shops Rimini Province

rimini shops - rimini shop

Shops Rimini - Shops Rimini Province: Shopping on the Rimini, Wear, Shoe Shops, Sondries, Underclothes and Lingerie, Sports articles, Bookshops, accessoryes

Rimini History, Archaeology

history rimini - history province of rimini

History Rimini - History Province of Rimini. The archaeological finds found scattered in the territory of Rimini testify that this area has been frequented since the VIII century B.C., several centuries before the foundation of the colony of Ariminum by the Romans in 268 a.C.

Wine and Gastronomy Rimini

gastronomy rimini

Gastronomy of Rimini: gastronomy and wine, lasagne, spaghetti, tortellini, Albana di Romagna, Sangiovese di Romagna, Pagadebit di Romagna, Cagnina, Piadina, Books of Receipts..

Wine Rimini, Quality Wine Rimini

wine rimini - wine rimini province



Sport, Fitness, Wellness in Rimini

sport rimini - sub rimini

Many sports can be practice in all the Province to you of Rimini. To Rimini, the trouble does not exist.

Excursion, Trekking, Walking in Rimini

rimini guide - tourist guide rimini

Localities of Rimini. Not only sea, but also the inland deserves of being visited. Wonderful landscapes wait for to you for being visit to you on foot, on bike or making trekking.


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